Audible Offers

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Opening up a new world of broadcast media to digital coupons.

SDK, sample code and documentation

Audible Offers

Audible Offers utilize ACTV8me’s digital audio technologies, so your app has the ability to receive offers and enhanced content directly from a TV ad, show, or radio program.

Included in the SDK

Audio Triggers

Included at the core of the SDK, the Audible Offers are powered by ACTV8me’s listening and detection technology for Audio Triggers.

Offers & Mobii Wallet

Offers detected from TV, Radio, and Daily Scratchers are served and stored to the SDK Wallet, Apple Wallet, or Google Wallet.

Daily Scratchers

Daily Scratchers generates 10 free scratchers every day. These scratchers give the user a chance to win awesome prizes and special offers.

iOS & Android Support

Full documentation, instructions, reference material and sample app code for iOS and Android support.

And even more...


The ACTV8 SDK has a suite of tools that enable partners to quickly and efficiently integrate the ACTV8 platform, including audio triggers and digital wallet technologies, into their new or existing applications. The SDK includes the ability to save offers into the Apple and Google Wallets.

ACTV8 Support

Partners have direct access to the ACTV8 development team for full integration support and full SDK documentation.‎ Deployment support available upon request.


All transmittable data is encrypted and sent over SSL connections from the SDK to the platform’s database.


The SDK is connected to the ACTV8 database and dashboard to collect and deliver user engagement, analytics, impressions along with reporting for campaigns and user activity.

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